• What is a Walkthrough?

    A Walkthrough, in this case, is a presentation of a property that works to provide all of the information guests would most likely want to know before renting. While there's plenty of information on a property page, it's only enough to where guests have some idea on what a property has to offer. A walkthrough is the best way to give guests that might want to rent the kind of info they want to know before letting a host know they want to rent. The host saves time answering common questions they might hear by putting information in their walkthrough. Each listing can have it's own walkthrough with the purpose of giving potential guests a more in depth look of a property. Walkthroughs are made of varying amounts of slides that can hold one photo or video each with editing features to make a qualitative presentation. A slide can have any purpose but it's main goal to showcase an individual element in a listing. The property owner makes the slides in anyway they see fit and those slides will be put together to make one video walkthrough that others can view.    

  • Why should I make a Walkthrough?

    A Walkthrough will save hosts a lot of time when talking to guests about a listing as they can be referred to a walkthrough. Walkthroughs provide information on everything in and about a property so many questions they might have will be answered just by watching a video. Pairing narration with visuals of the property allow you to show a listing so that guests don't have to take an actual tour so see and know everything. They can be short but have enough information that could convince potential guests to rent as they'll have seen the entire property in one video. Walkthroughs are very simple for guests as they don't have to go around tapping on different sections and reading pieces of information here and there. A walkthrough has everything a guest might want to see all in just one simple video.

    Walkthroughs fit well with other features a property page like FAQ's and sharing. FAQ's are generally for explaining how property features work and a good walkthrough could tie in to some questions. Some guests might want to quickly get an overview of a listing and emailing a walkthrough to them in the share section can make that easy for them. Properties with gate and or unit access codes can show guests where those requirements need to be entered.


  • How do I change my password?

    Tap on the setting menu and go to Change password. You were given a password in an email. That’s the old password. You type in your new password and press change to save it.

  • How do I create a walkthrough?

    Every property starts out not having a walkthrough so one must be created. Tapping on the my listing(s) brings up a page with a couple options and information pertaining to that property. Pressing on Create a Walkthrough now gives you the option to put together a walkthrough. Doing this takes the user to a page where they can now work on creating a walkthrough for a listing. After a walkthrough has been committed and saved, an icon on the property in the My Listings page now appears showing users that a walkthrough is available.

  • How do I edit a Walkthrough?

    This section is where the walkthrough can be put together. Walkthroughs consists of slides that’ll be played in one video. Tapping on Edit Walkthrough brings up a page to edit a walkthrough.

    • Add slide to walkthrough creates a new slide for the walkthrough. From there you can add a photo or video that’ll go with that slide. Every slide has its own editing options once it has been created.

    • Delete Walkthrough completely deletes a walkthrough from a listing. Because of this, you will be asked if you are sure about deleting a walkthrough.

    • Preview Walkthrough shows whatever you have created in a walkthrough so far. It serves as a way of seeing what your walkthrough might look like when it’s completed.

    • Export Walkthrough saves a walkthrough as a video that can be sent outside of the app. Exporting will send a video of a walkthrough into your camera roll.

  • What is Commit?

    Commit works as a way to let users know there work on a listing page can be saved. Pressing Commit in the top right corner at anytime saves any changes made to the walkthrough on Voyzee’s server. Leaving a walkthrough with uncommitted changes will bring up a notification before asking you if you would like to commit changes now or later. You will also have the option to stay on the screen.

  • What are Walkthrough slides for?

    Slides are individual elements that will be pieced together to make one video when the walkthrough is played. Slides can be added or removed at anytime just be taping on one. Slides for a new walkthrough might appear without the user entering them at the beginning. Listing seperate rooms on a property's profile will cause the slides to be created. Listing rooms in the property will create slides with the title of thos rooms but the slides can be removed if the user does not want them.  Each slide can hold one photo or one video each.

  • What are introduction and exit slides for?

    Intro and exit slides will be available for every walkthrough as it’s meant to introduce the property and the host. These slides can be worked on in the Edit Walkthrough section and also in the settings sidebar. The intro and final slides work there differently as the option to add those slides to every walkthrough is available.

  • How do I edit slides?

    Slides can be edited once a photo or video has been added to it. Once the walkthrough has been created, the user can tap on the individual slide and a menu, called Choose Slide Action, will appear. There’s a list of options that change what happens to each slide.

    • Move down/up changes the order of a slide in the walkthrough. The slides appear in vertical order so going up and down changes what slide goes before or ahead of another. Say you had a slide called “bathroom” as your first and “kitchen” as your second. Taping on the “bathroom” slide and pressing Move down will now place it as the second slide and the “kitchen” slide first.

    • Replace content gives the user the option to change whatever photo/video they have with a different one.

    • Make invisible/visible allows for the user to hide or show slides without having to delete them. This is great for if you’re working on an unfinished slide for a walkthrough as you can just make it invisible for the time being and make it visible again once it is completed.

    • Rename works just by changing the names of slides as each one will have its own. Names can be changed at any time just by tapping the button.

    • Delete removes the individual slide. The photo or video uploaded to that slide has been saved to the camera roll so it will still exist when the slide is removed.

  • What are the options for editing videos?

    Video editing is a little different from photo editing in what can actually be changed. The sound icon on the bottom left corner enables and disables playing the sound from the video recording.

    • Narration lets you record an audio message that’ll play over the video. The recording can be played back and will only go into the slide after pressing on apply.

    • Trim lets you edit the length of the recorded video by moving the yellow rectangle at the bottom of the screen showing different frames throughout the film.

    • Rotate shifts the video 90 degrees everytime the button is pressed.

    • Replace lets you swap the video you currently have with another video or photo.

    • Sound off/on works the same as the sound icon where the audio in the video can be played or removed from the walkthrough.

    • Delete removes the entire slide by pressing the button.

  • What are the options for editing photos?

    -Edit content allows for the user to make changes to whatever photo/video they added to a slide.

    • Narration lets the users take an audio recording for a slide that will play over when the slide plays in the walkthrough. Users have the option to playback and delete recordings before adding them to the slide.

    • Filters give the user options to apply different filters that will change the appearance of the content in the slide.

    • Rotate shifts the image 90 degrees everytime the button is pressed.

    • Replace will swap the content of a slide.

    • Crop let’s the user cut the content of a slide to show only what they want.

    • Delete will remove the entire slide

    • Visible is a switch that turns the slide from being visible to invisible at the press of the button. Visibility means what others users can see. An invisible slide means that only the slide’s creator can see it. A visible slide means other viewers can see it.

    -Any changes all edits made to a slide can be abandoned just by pressing on the arrow in the top left corner of the screen.


  • How do I preview a walkthrough?

    There’s an option to view a walkthrough at anytime within the Edit Walkthrough section. Pressing Preview Walkthrough will take you to a page where you can watch what you have of the walkthrough. You can pause it at anytime and see how long the entire video is.

  • How do I export a walkthrough?

    In the Edit Walkthrough section, press Export Walkthrough. This will download the walkthrough a saved video that can easily be shared on other platforms.

  • What is the purpose of How To’s?

    Each listing has features that the host might want to explain ahead of time in a way that is short and convenient. How To’s are made into categories that play a small video very similar to a walkthrough.

  • Where to create a How To?

    There are two options when it comes to creating a How To tutorial. Anything in the amenities within a listing can be found in Select amenity and applied with the tap of a button. Anything else can be typed in under Enter how to title. After creating a title, you can see it listed under Add new how to.

  • How do I edit a How To?

    -Tapping on an individual title brings up a menu similar to editing slides.

    • Replace content lets you replace whatever photo or video you have with another. Pressing this option will take you back to your camera roll to pick a replacement.

    • Edit brings up a menu to add a narration, filters, photo rotation, replace content and delete the entire How To.

    • Set Visibility will let you switch the How To from being visible to invisible or vice versa. Visibility means that other users can see a How To.

    • Share take you to a page where you can choose to copy the property link or send an email with that link.

    • Delete removes the entire How To title.

    -Accessing How To’s works differently as other users can tap on the individual titles if they are curious about how something works.

  • How do I share How To’s?

    Tapping on a How To tab will bring up the How to Action menu. Hitting Share will take you to a page with a couple of different options. A property link can be shared by copying it or entering an email address for it to be sent to.

  • How do I share property walkthroughs?

    -This page gives you the option to share several pieces of different information.

    • Property link will direct you see a specific property listing.
    • Privacy code is important for guests and property hosts to exchange valuable information on a property. Having the code guarantees that information will be sent securely.
    • Email sharing sends the property link to whatever email address is entered via the Voyzee server.

    -Both the Property link and Privacy code can be copied just by pressing on the copy button next to each feature.

    -Underneath Send email gives users the option to edit a small message that users will get if they receive an email. Below that is the option to edit the link that can be shared.

  • What are access codes?

    -Access codes are different codes that a property lister can give out to guests that they will need if they are to stay at a property.

    -Privacy codes can be managed here with the option to share it

    -Gate and Unit access codes can be created if a property requires you to get through a gate and or enter a code to enter a property. These codes have to be entered by the lister as the codes will be different for each property. These codes can be changed at anytime just by tapping on them.

    -The Update Access Code button will save the new entered codes.

    -The Update Access Codes and Reset Privacy Code will save any codes entered and generate a new privacy code

    -Tapping the switch button below the Unit code will set all three codes as one single code.

  • What’s the purpose of FAQ’s?

    -Any questions that are more general than how does something work (like How To’s) will be found in the FAQ section. Each FAQ is organized like the How To’s where everything is listed with a title that you can tap on to see.

    -Add a new question brings up a menu with three different options for posting questions.

    • From FAQ Library will take you to a library of saved questions that have been commonly asked on listings. Tapping on a box next to a question in the library will allow for that question to be added once Add is pressed in the top right corner.

    • From FAQ of other properties lets the lister take questions for FAQ’s they have on other property listings. This works the same as going to the FAQ library as you can pick from a list of questions to add.

    • Create my own question-answer works differently as a brand new question can be created. Tapping on this option will take you to page that’ll let you type your own question and answer. To enter the question-answer just hit save and it will be added to the FAQ