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Everything you need in one package. Create, share and edit property Walkthroughs and How-To’s with the Voyzee app. Guests can view Walkthroughs and How-To’s with no need for downloading. Simple sharing options.


  • Purpose of Walkthrough

    Purpose of Walkthrough

    Create a short presentation with voiceover narration and slides paired with visuals for guests to view. A Walkthrough serves as a video tour so guests can see everything a property has to offer.

  • Edit Walkthrough

    Edit Walkthrough

    Freely edit, preview and delete individual slides within a Walkthrough as well as make changes to an entire Walkthrough with options to delete, preview and export.

  • Edit Walkthrough

    Walkthrough slides

    Slides are individual elements of the Walkthrough. Slides can be added, edited or removed at anytime. Number of slides for a new Walkthrough automatically created based on number of bedrooms, bathrooms and common places for the property.

  • Intro and Exit slides

    Create and edit Intro and Exit slides that can be applied to all Walkthroughs, providing consistency within all your Walkthroughs.

  • Edit slides

    Make changes to each individual slide with options to alter appearance and apply a narration along with the option to replace the image/video within the slide.

  • Edit slides with video

    Add/Edit voiceover narration, trim, rotate, toggle sound, replace content and delete slides with editing features available for each individual slide.

  • Edit slides with photo

    Add/Edit voiceover narration, apply filters, rotate, replace and crop an image applied to each slide. Delete a slide at any time and change a slide’s visibility to alter whether guests can view it.

  • Slide narration

    Each slide can hold one audio recording as a narration that will play when that slide appears in a Walkthrough. Voiceover narrations for slides are optional and can be added, edit or removed at any time.

  • Share Walkthrough and How-To’s

    Share Walkthroughs and How-To’s easily via Voyzee by entering an email address that will receive a link to view a walkthrough. Copy a Walkthrough and How-To’s link and paste into email or any messaging app on the phone.

  • How-To

    How -To is a single slide presentation which explains how to use features within a property. How-To’s have the same editing features as Walkthrough.

  • FAQ

    Create and answer common questions guests might have with FAQ’s. Each FAQ posts a question and a short answer that can be viewed by guests so property hosts can avoid answering repetitive questions.


  • Auto-Populate your property listings

    Information about all properties is automatically filled in. There is no need to enter anything.

  • Manage each property

    Edit Walkthrough, preview property page, manage How-To’s and FAQ’s, share property page, manage access codes.

  • How-To

    Show guests how to use everything from the security system to the dishwasher.

  • Sharing

    Show guests everything you have by sharing Walkthroughs, How To’s, and FAQ’s within the app.